About Us

Who we are

Sigma Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African company which has been a supplier of technology products and services in the computer and SMB industry for 26 years.

Our organisation aims to provide the South African market with the latest technology, infrastructure solutions and technical support.

Our vendor certified highly skilled technical engineers and consultants focus on reliable white paper driven solutions and best practices, from the initial site survey, to the signing off of the solution plan and the handing of the technical documentation to our client we focus on service delivery, functionality, security and customer satisfaction.

Sigma Solutions (Pty) Ltd can procure on your behalf for all your hardware needs, we strive to get our clients the best warranty deals (next day or on site) whatever your needs be it a memory module for your laptop to a supervisor engine for a stackable switch, we will make sure it gets to you at the best price and with the best warranty.

We procure the latest, most reliable tech and have the knowledge to plan, design, build, implement and support your required solution, from basic computer components, consumables, CCTV, SMB storage solutions, to racks of routers, switches and firewalls, we have the skillset to get your businesses moving forward reliably, securely with the relevant support assistance, remote or on site.

After-sales service and support are strong focus points of our organisation.

Once we have procured your hardware, Sigma’s support policy takes care of the rest.

Our long standing client base comprises of small businesses in various sectors, embassies, consulates, engineering firms, Private Banks, dentistry, Law firm, hospitality and travel agents.

Once a Sigma Solutions client, always a Sigma Solutions client!